T U R K E X P O R provides fast and professional search of Turkish manufacturers, suppliers and the products for the buyers worldwide for free
T U R K E X P O R T  is opportunity for marketing and sales promotion of Turkish manufacturers on the world market, finding of buyers worldwide for commission fee
         O U R    K E Y    C A P A B I L I T I E S : 
direct trade leads - absence of intermediators 
availability of professional local agents in places
rendering of the complete range of export-import services
  • search and monitoring of manufacturers of the products in Turkey free of charge
  • providing a complete information on products assortment and price lists
  • delivery of samples and products catalogues to buyer by mail service
  • quantity and quality monitoring of the ordered products, forwarding and shipment
  • transferring of products to consolidated cargo warehouse in Turkey
  • container groupage for one or several cargoes
  • international cargo insuarance
  • export customs processing in Turkey
  • cargo dispatching to buyer country
  • obtaining required export-import permission documents
  • import customs clearing
  • delivery of cargo to buyer warehouse
T U R K E X P O R T - Y O U R    R E L I A B L E    E  X P L O R E R   ON   T U R K I S H   M A R K E T  !